Exploring Company Values with your Team


It’s a powerful experience to explore ideas, artistically; both personally and professionally.

To let loose your right brain into sensory artistic expression. To imagine and bring to life images that represent ideas, concepts, or meaning.  To use color, sound, lines, cut-outs, textures, fragrance, pictures, or motion to deepen the connection to a value.

While company values are expected to be lived by the team, the experiences with them must be real and connected to the hearts and minds of those individuals.  It begins with opportunities to let the right side of the brain connect to the idea.

After some time artistically expression their connection to the value, let them share with the rest of the team.  It moves the experience from the right side of the brain to the left and links it to them personally. It’s also powerful for each to see how the value impacts their fellow team members.



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